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a law firm built to solve problems in even the most complex business and commercial disputes
Smart, skilled, savvy representation, in and out of court, delivered with efficiency and integrity.

Wernette Heilman PLLC’s principal attorneys Michael Wernette and Ryan Heilman bring 18 years of experience advising and litigating for clients in complex matters throughout Michigan, as well as New York, Delaware, Ohio, Minnesota, Colorado, Florida, and California. In trial courts and appellate courts, at both the state and federal level, they have opposed some of the most powerful corporations and law firms in the country and consistently delivered the results the clients needed.
It’s important to have a lawyer who believes in you. It’s just as important to have a lawyer who others can believe — because credibility is the key to persuasion. Wernette Heilman PLLC has built a reputation for integrity and credibility by following a simple formula: back up what you say. So when they speak, others listen. That means better results and greater efficiency.
There are no shortcuts to expertise. Wernette Heilman PLLC’s deep expertise in commercial, debtor/creditor, and business dispute matters is the sum of a thousand details learned through time, study, and work in the legal trenches – the courtroom, the conference room, and the client’s facilities.
Talk is cheap. In litigation, or any other legal dispute, strength is not about talk. It’s all about strategy and action. Developing a smarter strategy and executing it — undeterred by the size, resources, or posturing of any adversary. Whether your legal issues require relentless pursuit or unshakable resistance, Wernette Heilman PLLC principal attorneys Mike Wernette and Ryan Heilman have earned a reputation for strong representation in and out of the courtroom. When you engage Wernette Heilman PLLC, your adversary knows you mean business.